Jen Midkiff - Harpist
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It is said that children who are provided with early musical training tend to do better in school and in life afterward. Is it stimulation of certain parts of the brain? Is it simply learning discipline through practice?

Either way, Jennifer Midkiff can make the most of your child's love of music through her voice, piano, Celtic harp and pedal harp lessons. Jen is certified for K-12 music and holds a current Indiana Professional Educator's License, so she is eminently qualified to teach children. However, Jen also enjoys teaching adults of all ages to sing and play the piano and harp.

Need a harp? Jen will work with you to find just the right instrument for your budget.

Jen has worked with students of all ages and ability levels, from age 6 to retirees, and tailors her teaching style to each student, supporting them as individuals in pursuit of their musical goals. Musical priorities for her as a teacher: for vocalists, expanding and supporting vocal range and teaching good technique, which can be applied to any musical style; for harpists and pianists, a solid base of music theory and ear training, combined with good posture and hand position, to enable lifelong playing and enjoyment of the instrument.

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"My daughter Morrigan had a decent voice, but the school choir was forcing her out of her range and hurting it. Jen was able to identify her range, help her learn to use it effectively, and help her adapt her singing as her voice changed. Jen is great at explaining concepts clearly and quickly, good at motivating a singer and finding fun and interesting songs for them to develop with. She's talented, professional, enthusiastic and delivers a great amount of instruction for the money invested."
      —Author Michael Z. Williamson

"I would very highly recommend Jennifer Midkiff as a private lesson teacher. My daughter took private music lessons from Mrs. Midkiff over recent years, mostly on harp, but also some voice lessons. She incorporates music theory into all her lessons, which was important to becoming a well-rounded musician. She had a great balance of patience and reasonable expectations for her students. She has a passion for music and teaching and does a great job of encouraging the same in her students. We could not have asked for a better and more knowledgeable instructor. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any beginner or advanced aspiring musician."
      —J. Kelley, Greenfield, IN

"Jen makes learning fun, no matter what age! As an empty-nester, I have enjoyed learning piano and receiving vocal coaching from her over the past several years. Her patience and flexibility allow me to learn at my pace, and she adapts her teaching and coaching to suit my very different and unique personality. She can teach anyone who is willing to learn!"
      —B. Willsey, Indianapolis, IN

"Six months after retiring, I started my [harp] lessons with Jen. She has excellent knowledge in harp, piano, voice and music theory. Her teaching style is friendly and she pushes you to learn and corrects you without being a bully. I learned more about music theory with her than with any of my piano lessons. We attended harp workshops together and she took me out to some small venues to become more comfortable with playing in public. She sent me off to another [teacher] when she began working at Brebeuf, but I can still hear her saying "thumbs up, Judy, thumbs up."
      —Judy Eudaly