Jen Midkiff - Harpist

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Eleanor Plunkett

Pie Jesu


The King of Love

Water Spirit
Funeral/Memorial Service: $175
     Includes 30 minutes pre-
     service music, all music
     needed during service, up
     to 30 minutes post-service

$50 each additional hour

Graveside Service: $150
     $75 if hired in conjunction
     with funeral service
Let the ethereal sound of the harp bring a sense of peace during a time of loss as you pay tribute to loved ones with music. The harp's soothing tone helps funerals and memorial services honor those who have departed and comfort those left behind, adding dignity and grace to your service.

Jennifer also joins with other musicians as part of Indy Funeral Music to give comfort to those saying goodbye to their loved ones. She is one of the few harpists who is also a trained soprano vocalist. She can accompany herself on harp or keyboard, and can lead voices from the keyboard for hymns during the service, at no extra fee.

"You and Vicki [flautist] were a blessing to the graveside service. Your music was reverent, inspiring, and appropriate for the moment. Thank you for bringing so much joy to the occasion."
      —Phil K.

"Once again, our deep thanks for this gift of music youíve given our family. Listening put me right back in that room, and strangely, it was a good place to visit in memory: Your music transformed the experience by surrounding my mom with an embroidery of sound that had all the threads of loving comfort, support, acceptance, and farewell. Thanks again for providing a gentle path for my motherís transition."
      —Barry C.H.

"And moreover, it really soothed the soul of a dear colleague who lost her life partner after 35 years together. It was very hard on my friend, and she said the first good night's sleep she had was after listening to Jenís harp CD, which I gave her just because I thought she would find it soothing.

"As for that beautiful CD harp recording of the same music that ushered your mom into heaven, I love it. It gets played on my homefront almost every day Ė ofttimes twice - and I can just feel your mother's presence and recapture many a memory of laughter and happy camaraderie we've shared in the past. Thank you."

"Thank you very much for playing at the service. The beautiful and thoughtful music and your accomplished and insightful playing added so much. Thank you again and our very best wishes."

"Jennifer played at my mother's visitation and at the funeral service itself. Guests paying their respects at the visitation commented that the soothing harp music was comforting and appropriate as they waited to greet family members.

"At the service itself, Jen played and sang 'How Great Thou Art' and 'Amazing Grace'. She also played the keyboard to accompany another singer. As a harpist, keyboardist and singer, she truly was an amazing asset to our farewell to mom."
      —Bob W.

"Thank you so much for your time and talent at the Service of Remembrance. The harp is a wonderful, healing instrument. And you coax the most soothing music from your harp. With your playing, the people present at the service felt the healing power of God flow over them. Thank you for being part of this special time."